Our Business

CLP Holdings Limited is a publicly held company with a history in the electricity business dating back to 1901. Based in Hong Kong, we also have presence in Mainland China, India, Southeast Asia and Taiwan, and Australia.

Our value chain

Our core business is to provide electricity to customers reliably at a competitive price, with the least impact on the environment and delivering positive impacts to the communities we operate in. We procure, operate, sell and engage responsibly throughout our value chain so that we can be a sustainable business.

As a Group, our products span the entire value chain, from power generation to transmission and local distribution, to gas and electricity retail services, supported by smart energy services. Locally, we play different roles across the electricity value chain in different geographies, depending on the local constraints and market characteristics.

Much of our business outside Hong Kong lies in the production of electricity, and all of our business units own sizable generation assets. We build, operate and own assets for the long term and therefore must protect their value over the same period so that we can be operationally sustainable. Our generation fleet has a balanced portfolio consisting of coal, gas, nuclear, wind, hydro and solar power facilities.

Through our retail businesses in Hong Kong and Australia, we serve customers, including both businesses and residential households. Our wholesale customers include grid companies in Mainland China and electricity distribution companies and intermediaries in India, which purchase power directly from our generating assets.

A significant share of our third party spend is with local suppliers which support the local community while meeting CLP’s business needs. Our preferred suppliers are those who are ethical and committed to sustainable development, and have a track record on Health, Safety, Security & Environmental (HSSE) competence. They should be capable of meeting the expectations of our Responsible Procurement Policy Statement (RePPS).

Our assets and services


CLP is headquartered in Hong Kong, where we are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Hong Kong is also where our largest business is, where we operate under the brand of “CLP Power Hong Kong”. We also have business units in Mainland China, India (under the brand of “CLP India”), Southeast Asia and Taiwan, and Australia (under the brand of “EnergyAustralia”).

As of 31 December 2017, we had 7,542 full-time employees and our market capitalisation was HK$202 billion. Our revenue for 2017 was HK$92,073 million. The electricity sent out from our assets was 83,897GWh (on an equity plus capacity purchase basis).

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2017 portfolio changes


Under our Climate Vision 2050, we are committed to growing our investment in non-carbon emitting energy projects across the Group and we continue to make significant progress. In 2017, we invested HK$1.5 billion in renewable projects and our operating earnings from renewable energy increased from HK$610 million in 2016 to HK$649 million in 2017. We also invested in more nuclear capacity in Mainland China. Major portfolio changes for 2017 are shown below.

To provide an indication of whether our significant investment agreements and contracts include human rights clauses, CLP reports the percentage of funding for all non-recourse financing and refinancing that was provided by banks which have adopted the Equator Principles. In 2017, around 60% of this funding came from these Equator Principle banks (2016: slightly less than half).

The main asset portfolio changes this year

  • the acquisition of a 17% interest (1,108 equity MW) in the 6,516 MW Yangjiang nuclear facility in Guangdong, Mainland China;
  • the divestment of our 15.75% interest (314 equity MW) in CGN Wind in Mainland China;
  • the partial commissioning of the 100MW Veltoor solar project in India, of which we own 49% interest (49 equity MW).
  • the commissioning of the Laiwu II wind project in Shandong, of which we own 100% interest (49.5MW equity MW).

Renewable Energy Development in Australia

EnergyAustralia has entered transactions to underpin the development of more than 500MW of renewable generation capacity since we announced in December 2016 a programme to support new wind and solar farms in eastern Australia. The agreement will help meet our obligations under the Australian Government’s Renewable Energy Target, which requires retailers to have 23.5% of total energy in the national electricity market provided by renewable sources by 2020.

Our Performance

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