A New Brand

Our refreshed CLP Group Brand positions us for future success, and emphasises the important role that we play in delivering energy to support everyday lives. We are here to make lives brighter for today and tomorrow.

“Energy for Brighter Tomorrows“

In 2017, we have launched a new brand identity focusing on the idea “connections through energy”. When CLP was founded in 1901 in Hong Kong, electricity was a luxurious rarity; over the century, we have been expanding steadily, serving our customers with highly reliable services in the Asia Pacific region. But there is no room for complacency. Innovative technologies are upending every sector of society and the transition to a low carbon world brings enormous challenges, but also opportunities to energy companies.

As we embrace these changes, and building on our heritage, regional presence and power expertise, we refreshed and renewed our brand last year to respond to the changing landscapes and support the Group’s vision. We recognise the fundamental role we play in people’s day-to-day lives. Our new brand idea not only reflects we are here to provide energy services, but also the bonds we form, across the grid, through strong relationships with our partners, and the investments we make in our communities to build a brighter future for everyone.

Growing with Hong Kong

A refreshed brand by no means implies we forget our heritage. Our success today is built upon the hard work of generations of predecessors, and the belief of the founding family of CLP in ensuring the social and economic wellbeing of their fellow citizens. Since 1901, CLP has experienced all the ups and downs with Hong Kong, playing a vital part in Hong Kong’s development from a small fishing village.

To pay tribute to the city and inspire the younger generation to appreciate history, CLP commissioned the production of “A Century of Power”, a documentary by acclaimed producer Elaine Forsgate Marden. It chronicles CLP’s contribution to the economic and social development of this beautiful city we call home, as well as other markets in the Asia Pacific region where we operate. It also recounts the CLP story and our long-standing commitment to the communities we serve through valuable old photographs and oral history interviews, along with interviews and footage shot in Hong Kong, Mainland China, India and Australia over the past two years.

Watch here

"The Century of Power"

“History provides the basis of our shared heritage, culture and values. It helps us appreciate our past and shapes our future. I hope we can all learn more about Hong Kong and CLP through ‘A Century of Power’ and be inspired to build a better home for the generations to come.”

The Honourable Sir Michael Kadoorie
Chairman, CLP Holdings

Engaging our stakeholders in new ways

The refreshed brand is more than the brand visual system. We are also seeking to communicate with and engage our stakeholders through new social media channels, catering to the preferences of the new generations:

  • The revamped CLP Power Hong Kong website offers a one-stop online platform for customers to manage their electricity accounts, payment and billing anytime, anywhere;
  • The CLP Information Kit is available on the website to provide background information about CLP’s Hong Kong businesses and keep stakeholders abreast of the company’s operations and development;
  • Our corporate facebook page “CLP” makes it even easier to contact us; and the “CLP Eco Living” page provides eco-living tips not only on energy efficiency, but also on different aspects of our lives;
  • Our LinkedIn page provides information to prospective staff, current staff as well as our business partners alike; and
  • The CLP YouTube Channel is a library of videos covering a wide range of topics, from fun facts about Hong Kong, highlights of corporate events, to educational videos related to the power industry. 
Read more about our approach to Stakeholder Engagement


Energising the city through Lumieres Hong Kong

We joined hands with other organisations in supporting Lumieres Hong Kong, to celebrate our city’s dynamic energy, as well as our rich heritage and culture. As a long supporter of the development of arts and the appreciation of history, we were proud to be the Energizing Partner of the event, hoping to show the different sides of Hong Kong in a fun and creative way.

Drawing inspirations from Fete des Lumieres de Lyon in France, the world’s oldest light festival, Lumieres Hong Kong was held in late November 2017. International and local artists shared their fascinating stories and artistic views of Hong Kong with their creative light installations, art pieces and video projections at 16 iconic landmarks across both sides of the Victoria Harbour. Various activities including performances, workshops and a 4D light show were held in different areas of Hong Kong to interact with the public.

We feel strongly connected with the festival’s recognition of Hong Kong’s rich heritage and culture, as this is part of CLP's roots too.

Find out more on Lumieres Hong Kong’s website.