Supporting our customers

We actively engage with our customers, and support them through personalised services; in so doing our role has evolved to become a partner and solution provider in relation to electricity services.

Customer engagement

We understand the importance of listening to our customers, and their opinions can help us to continuously improve our services. In addition to our day-to-day means of communications with customers, we have additional engagement channels in place.

We measure customer satisfaction through an annual telephone interview survey conducted by an external marketing research consultant. We have dedicated channels to handle customer enquiries and complaints. In 2017, our Customer Interaction Centre (CIC) and Customer Service Centres (CSC) received thousands of customer enquiries and two justified cases of complaints in Hong Kong.


We continued to reduce calls taken in the past three years. Our year-end call contact rate was at 7.28%. “My Account” customers continued to grow and initiatives were in place to move traffic from traditional phone channels to self-service interactions and digital channels.

We saw a 24% increase in the total number of complaints received by EnergyAustralia in 2017, made up of a 34% increase in internal complaint volumes and a 10% increase in ombudsmen complaints. The increase cannot be attributed to one key complaint theme in 2017. However, customer sensitivity particularly around billing and pricing was exacerbated by media, with regulatory and political attention on energy being evident drivers for the rise in overall volumes.

Ombudsmen complaints per 10,000 customers has also been impacted, with 41 in 2017 (from 37 in 2016).

Personalised services

Under our Value Framework, we are committed to effectively respond to customer needs and preferences in relation to our products and services. Read more about our customer portfolios and how we meet their needs.

In this digital era, our customers today are demanding more customised user experience, more digitalised solutions and more choices. We strive to improve our customer-related infrastructure to meet these expectations.

Hong Kong

Our Hong Kong business continued to enhance its digital retail platforms. We offer convenience to our customers through a wide variety of channels: 

  • The Customer Interaction Centre (CIC) operates a 24-hour hotline.
  • The CLP Mobile App is a brand new mobile platform that provides residential customers with green living ideas, an easy way to manage their electricity accounts, and a shopping platform for energy efficient appliances.
  • Online assessment tools for customers to understand their electricity consumption pattern and benchmark with similar families or similar scale companies, e.g. Eco Power 360 is designed for residential customers, and GREENPLUS Energy Billboard for business customers.
  • Our customer service centres, Eco Homes and business centres are conveniently located in our supply area to provide assistance to our customers, from basic account management and enquiries to professional services for small and medium-sized businesses. The new Smart Energy Experience Centre, opened in 2017, showcases smart home devices and business solutions that make use of innovative technology developed by local start-up companies.
  • Other enhanced communication channels including power incident SMS Notification Service for Estate Management Office (EMO) and Incorporated Owners, “CLP-EMO Direct” WeChat Channel, and WeChat Communication Platform for hearing-impaired customers.
  • Based on weather information, Meter Online is an innovative energy management tool that provides a nine-day energy forecast to commercial and industrial customers, to help them better manage their power consumption.
Energy Efficiency & Conservation Support for Customers
  • Conducted free energy audits for our commercial and industrial customers to save electricity usage.
  • Launched the “Supporting SME with Energy-Saving Rewards” campaign to help small and medium-sized businesses to explore energy saving solutions and reduce operating cost.
Eco Building Fund
  • Provided subsidies to residential building owners to enhance the energy efficiency of the communal areas of their buildings.
  • Approved 135 applications, with total funding reaching HK$60.3 million since launch.


In Australia, our objective is to enable our customers to be able to access information on our products and services in a timely and efficient manner and we continue to evolve our digital channels to allow them to do so. Our customers can access the information through our regular customer communication channels, such as:

  • The EnergyAustralia website;
  • Customer correspondence such as the Welcome Pack and Billing Information; and
  • Call Centre staff and Account Managers.


We also communicate with customers via email and provide access for customer engagement via MyAccount and WebChat – enabling customers to communicate with us when and how they choose.

Customer satisfaction

We conduct customer satisfaction surveys on a regular basis to gauge the performance of our retail business.

Hong Kong

We measure customer satisfaction through an annual telephone interview survey conducted by an external marketing research consultant. The customer satisfaction score considers overall satisfaction towards the utility and relative rating against an ideal utility in Hong Kong. The score is benchmarked against all public utilities in the energy sector and public service organisations (i.e. public utilities in the energy sector plus Hong Kong Post and the Water Supplies Department).


EnergyAustralia is committed to making our customers’ lives better and simpler through the services they need and value and delivering on what we promise. To measure our effectiveness in delivering on these values, EnergyAustralia has been measuring our Strategic Net Promoter Score (NPS) to assess customer satisfaction across all our customers since 2012. This is measured monthly using an online survey amongst a representative group of customers.

In addition to the Strategic NPS, we have also been measuring a Transactional Net Promoter Score, which tracks customer satisfaction in relation to specific customer interactions (for example, following a phone call with the contact centre or web chat with the digital team), which provides more direct feedback for our frontline staff.

In 2016, after experiencing significant improvements from previous years in our Strategic Net Promoter Score, we had forecasted a stepped improvement in our performance. However, unprecedented negative media and Government focus on the industry has driven negative sentiment amongst our customers and the broader market. In light of this, our stable performance in 2017 is viewed as a positive outcome, as we hold on to our previous improvements.

We expect the challenging external environment to continue to weigh on our performance, and therefore forecast a marginal improvement for 2018.

Energy efficiency and conservation

Our role has evolved to become more than an electricity supplier; we are promoting energy saving and eco-living through various energy measurement tools and community programmes. We want to be a partner and smart solution provider in helping homes and businesses alike to become energy efficient.

Leveraging on our expertise in the power industry, we encourage our residential and business customers and the community at large to use energy more efficiently and to change their behavior so that they can save more energy and help to create a better environment.

The diagram summarises our four-pronged approach in changing people’s habits and helping them reduce their energy consumption:

  • Educating the public;
  • Providing customers with information and energy-saving tips;
  • Equipping customers with tools and technical support; and
  • Supporting enablers to make greater energy efficiency possible.

Read more about how we promote energy efficiency through demand-side management

Read more about our Go Neutral programme in Australia

Customer privacy

We take protection of customer privacy and information seriously, as indicated by our CLP Privacy Policy Statement, which stipulates measures to respect and protect the personal data we receive. In 2017, our Hong Kong retail business received a privacy complaint lodged to the Privacy Commissioner of Hong Kong relating to a disclosure of excessive information to the representative of a customer when handling a service enquiry. After investigation, the Commissioner concluded the case as an isolated case and closed the file without further action.

Our EnergyAustralia retail business received a total of 60 privacy complaints relating to information being provided to unauthorised parties. Of these privacy complaints, three were received from the Australian Privacy Commissioner regarding potential breaches of customer privacy. Following investigation of the complaints, however, the Commissioner closed all files on the basis that EnergyAustralia had not interfered with the customer’s privacy. EnergyAustralia resolved the remaining complaints.


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