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Crisis management in action during extreme weather events

In early September 2023, CLP implemented multiple measures to maintain a reliable power supply and mitigate the impact of Super Typhoon Saola, when typhoon signals of No.8 and above were hoisted for 38 hours.

To ensure a stable power supply, CLP enhanced inspections of its power supply equipment prior to the typhoon, installed flood gates at substations vulnerable to flooding, and pruned trees that could pose a potential risk to overhead lines.

Given the severe damage caused by Super Typhoon Mangkhut to the power supply facilities of remote villages in 2018, CLP prioritised the replacement of smart meters at remote villages in 2019. With smart meters in place, the result was improved supply failure detection and a reduction in repair time. Moreover, CLP maintained close communication with power supply companies in Guangdong Province to ensure mutual assistance when necessary.

Additionally, CLP released a short video that offered advice on how to prepare for approaching typhoons and covered some important reminders on dealing with power outages during typhoons.

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