A safe, future-ready workforce

CLP’s long-term success relies on its capability to attract, develop and retain a workforce that is safe and healthy, diverse and inclusive, skilled for the future, and well-supported to fulfil the customer demands of today, and that can adapt rapidly to the social and technological changes brought by energy transition. Workplace safety, wellbeing and flexibility are top priorities. So too is the attraction, development and retention of diverse talent, with a focus on the skills needed to advance CLP’s critical decarbonisation and digitalisation agendas.

Attracting and developing diverse future talent and capabilities

CLP’s ability to transition to a zero-carbon, digitally enabled future requires systematic organisational development and adoption of the capabilities required to compete effectively in key markets. The Group is focused on ensuring adequate talent supply; attracting and retaining a diverse, multi-generational workforce; developing new skills and capabilities and sharing talent effectively across the portfolio of businesses; developing leaders with the resilience, agility, stakeholder management and change leadership skills to position the Group for growth; and fostering an open and agile organisation and work culture. These efforts are underpinned by ensuring that work practices are fair, ethical and remain fit for purpose at a time of accelerating social and regulatory change.


Recognising the challenge of increased competition for talent in all the Group’s markets, diversified strategies were applied including expanded efforts to develop talent supply at all levels, investment in talent acquisition capabilities and targeted retention initiatives. Graduate and internship opportunities were expanded, including introduction of a Digital Graduate Programme in Hong Kong. Collaborations with institutions in Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas increased to promote CLP careers, and to create more opportunities for industry skills development through the CLP Power Academy.

CLP stepped-up efforts to expose high-potential team members to energy transition developments, with study tours now embedded in every development programme and over 100 team members participating in 2023 after COVID-19 border restrictions were lifted. Diversity and inclusion initiatives were expanded to include the establishment of an employee-led Gender Equity Affinity Group for awareness-building and peer support. Work continued to embed new leadership competencies across core markets, with refreshed management training programmes commenced. 

Helping our people succeed

CLP is committed to developing an engaged and high-performing workforce, and to supporting all its people to succeed and thrive in this period of change brought about by energy transition. This is achieved through a long-term focus on maintaining strong working relationships with employees and their representatives, providing flexible working arrangements and benefits to support employees through all life stages, strengthening their wellbeing and resilience, and providing support and re-skilling to employees whose jobs are affected by the transition to net zero or other business restructuring.

In core markets, CLP commenced implementing a refreshed approach to performance management, aimed at enhancing feedback to team members to support their development and increasing performance differentiation. Across all markets, CLP helped employees through retraining or providing supported transition into new roles. This included continued execution of EnergyAustralia’s structured programme to prepare for the announced closure of Yallourn in 2028, as well as redeployment of head office team members to business-based roles supporting decarbonisation projects and digital initiatives.

In Yallourn, a partnership with a local offshore wind farm in the Gippsland region has been established to enable redeployment of employees whose skills may be transferable to wind farms and continuous engagement with the workforce and communities impacted by the closure is underway through regular forums and meetings. Across the Group, more flexible work options and renovations to work environments were implemented to address employees’ needs at different life stages.

Embedding agile and innovative ways of working, mindsets and behaviours

Critical to CLP’s ability to respond to a changing energy market and to the social and geopolitical uncertainties that continue to reshape its business landscape are implementing and embedding new ways of working, mindsets and behaviours, that are more efficient and commercial, while maintaining deeply held CLP values, good engagement and workplace relations, and a culture of operational excellence and safety.

CLP continues to make progress on its multi-year “new ways of working” journey through a comprehensive refresh of its values and behaviours. This refresh was launched in early 2024 to guide team members to drive business success. To enable more digitalised and efficient ways of working, business processes continue to be streamlined and

modernised. CLP further refined its fit-for-purpose Operating Model in Hong Kong and Mainland China to locate execution capabilities closer to customers, while enhancing governance and oversight of business performance. Design thinking and digital capabilities programmes continued to be hosted to enhance skills and agile thinking.

Promoting workplace safety and wellbeing

CLP is committed to providing a safe workplace environment for its employees and contractors.


To help CLP's people integrate wellbeing into work, CLP organised a year-round series of “Wellbeing as a Leadership Skill” workshops, covering wellbeing, demands and resources, resilience and various tools for leaders to support their teams. The workshops also offered leaders a chance to reflect on their own wellbeing and understand how this plays a part in creating a satisfying, healthy and psychologically safe workplace.

CLP has also provided its employees with an online digital wellbeing platform, Virgin Pulse, to support their physical and mental wellbeing. In 2023, there was an increase in the number of employees signing up for the platform, with around 40% of employees in Hong Kong now being members. In addition, CLP launched a Fitbit programme to raise employees’ awareness of their individual health and fitness levels.

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