Community stewardship

CLP recognises its obligations to meet evolving stakeholder expectations around the positive role businesses should play in society. This includes demonstrating leadership in its decarbonisation ambitions, investing in green energy solutions that support the electrification of society, and transparently reporting on its ESG performance. Environmental stewardship extends to actively managing CLP’s dependencies and impacts on nature. Employee and supplier wellbeing is another priority. The Group recognises the importance of ensuring ethical human rights practices in its value chain, as well as of supporting employees and communities impacted by the closure of its fossil fuel assets.

Ensuring thriving communities

CLP has a long tradition of serving its local communities through wide-ranging engagement and investment programmes. These include the provision of financial assistance – such as subsidised energy – to people and community sectors in need, and of ongoing support for those impacted by the phase-out of its coal-fired power plants and other structural changes to the energy system.


In 2023, CLP Power provided further assistance to low-income families via a range of support initiatives. The CLP Fuel Cost Subsidy Programme provided HK$110 million in subsidies to 150,000 underprivileged households, including 50,000 tenants of subdivided units to alleviate their electricity bills brought by the increase in fuel cost. The subsidies are a part of the community support programmes in 2023 with an allocation of over HK$200 million from the Community Energy Saving Fund. Additional initiatives include a HK$20 million scheme to subsidise families living in transitional housing to purchase energy-efficient appliances, and a HK$5 million project to rewire subdivided units so that individual electricity meters can be installed.

CLP’s commitment to community is also demonstrated in its approach to ensure a just energy transition. EnergyAustralia has set a clear path for the closure of Yallourn Power Station in mid-2028, providing seven years’ notice to enable thoughtful planning and support to staff and the local community. Staff are being supported through re-employment initiatives, while the community has been engaged to envision the future of the site. Current rehabilitation efforts are being carried out in collaboration with a local NGO and government groups. The transformation of the coal mine into a recreational hub, a lake, native bushlands and walking paths will revitalise the region at the social and economic levels while preserving local cultural heritage.

Promoting responsible supply chains

CLP is seeking to implement the responsible, safe and ethical procurement of labour, products and services. It also recognises its responsibility to eliminate all forms of modern slavery and exploitation from its supply chains.


In 2023, CLP Commercial and Supply Chain Management (CSCM) established a Supply Chain Risk management framework in alignment with the implementation of the Sustainable Procurement three-year roadmap. In accordance with this framework, CLP will start building supplier profiles according to the principles set out in the Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC). CLP has zero tolerance in respect to child labour and forced labour under the Labour Practices and Human Rights sections in SCoC, and this is communicated to its suppliers.

CLP has included SCoC acknowledgement in the communication pack it sends to all its suppliers. By 2023, more than 500 suppliers had committed themselves to abide by the SCoC principles. EnergyAustralia has developed an in-house risk matrix to assess the modern slavery risks in its supply chain based on supplier locations and commodity types. For details, please refer to the sections of Supply chain management and Responsible procurement.

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