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Helping Link Asset Management Limited (Link) achieve its 2035 Net Zero Pathway goals

CLP Power and CLPe have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Link Asset Management Limited to improve the energy efficiency of Link’s premises and raise ESG awareness among its tenants.

To assist Link in achieving its 2035 Net Zero Pathway goals, CLP carries out regular energy audits on Link's properties, which include shopping arcades, fresh markets and car parks, and provides recommendations for improving their energy efficiency. CLP is also supporting Link's energy-saving initiatives through subsidy schemes such as the CLP Eco Building Fund. One of these funded projects has involved the installation of energy-efficient cooling systems in 21 shopping arcades, resulting in savings of more than 20 GWh of electricity over the past five years. This is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of over 5,000 households, and represents a reduction of 8,800 tonnes of carbon emissions.

CLP and Link will continue to explore collaboration opportunities, including the implementation of energy management solutions at Link premises and the potential acquisition of sustainability-linked loans from financial institutions. Additionally, CLP Power will provide technical support for EV charging installations to encourage low-carbon transportation. The two companies will also explore the feasibility of shifting from diesel generators to battery energy storage systems at Link's construction sites.

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