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Low-Carbon Invention Competition sparks students’ creativity for decarbonisation solutions

Nurturing the younger generation and supporting environmental education have always been part of CLP’s commitment to the community.

Over 1,100 primary and secondary students participated in the Low-Carbon Invention Competition organised by the CLP Power Low Carbon Energy Education Centre (LCEEC) located at City University of Hong Kong to harness their creativity for environmentally friendly inventions using 3D printing technology. The competition combined elements of creativity, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), and environmental awareness and encouraged students to come up with eco-friendly ideas which could be applied in daily life. Some winning entries featured renewable energy by harnessing wind and solar power together with energy storage devices. Other entries aimed to reduce carbon emissions through greening.

The Low-Carbon Invention Competition aligns perfectly with the LCEEC's mission to raise awareness of climate change while introducing participants to the transformative power of STEM in driving sustainable development. The overwhelming response to the competition reflects the LCEEC’s achievement in environment education.

A group picture of winners and guests.
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