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CLP India rebranded to Apraava Energy

After nearly 20 years of serving energy needs in India, starting from October 2021, CLP India continues its journey to power sustainable growth under its new corporate identity, Apraava Energy.

The name Apraava is inspired by the combination of four Sanskrit words: Agni (fire), Prithvi (earth), Ambu (water) and Vayu (wind), reflecting its ambition to harness the power of nature to pursue sustainable growth.

With over 1,100 MW of wind and solar projects, Apraava Energy is currently one of the largest investors in India’s renewable power sector. Apraava Energy is fully committed to supporting India’s commitment towards renewable energy and CLP Group targets, and has set a target to double its existing energy portfolio over the next four years.

Apraava Energy's new logo, inspired by the elements of fire, earth, water and wind.
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