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CLPʼs 2021 Sustainability Report

In 2021, CLP celebrated its 120th anniversary. For more than 12 decades, CLP has shared a vision with the communities it serves, evolving from a small power plant on Chatham Road in Hong Kong, to become a leading responsible energy provider in the Asia-Pacific region.

In its long history, CLP Holdings Limited (the Group) and its communities have experienced many opportunities and challenges. 2021 provided no shortage of challenges, including the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, global supply chain disturbances, widening wealth gaps, increased cyber threats, and the negative impact of climate change becoming more prominent. CLP takes its responsibility seriously not simply to continue its services, but to support its many stakeholders, helping them weather these challenges and facilitate their transition to a low-carbon economy.

Despite the uncertain circumstances, the Group’s unwavering focus on creating value for shareholders, customers, employees and the wider community in the longer term continues. This year, to communicate with its stakeholders better, the Company renewed its materiality assessment.

In continuing its analysis of how megatrends impact the operating environment and long-term sustainability of its business, CLP has adopted a double-materiality approach. Financially material topics which may be of most interest to shareholders and other capital providers are discussed in the Annual Report; impact material topics which reflect positive or negative impacts on people, the environment or the economy are covered in this Sustainability Report. In addition, to address the growing interest in climate-related financial disclosures, CLP prepared a standalone Climate-related Disclosures Report for the first time.

CLP’s new reporting approach aims to help all stakeholders find the information of their interest more easily. This is one of the key steps towards a consistent and effective engagement process.

Feedback on this report is welcome, and can be sent through CLP’s online survey or via . As a token of CLP's appreciation, each stakeholder who sends feedback on or before 30 June 2022 will receive four CLP Carbon Credits, which can be used to offset their own carbon footprint.

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A view from above of Sihong Solar Power Station in Mainland China.

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