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Enhancing sustainability oversight at regional level

CLP’s different business units are involved in different parts of the utility value chain, and they face distinct market conditions. Hence their sustainability challenges and focus also differ. With that in mind, Apraava Energy and EnergyAustralia have set up executive-level committees to enhance oversight of their sustainability topics.

The Apraava Energy Sustainability Committee (the Committee) was formed in early 2021. It is comprised of six executive committee members, and is chaired by the Managing Director. It serves to promote, support and monitor the sustainable development of Apraava Energy’s businesses, as well as involvement in its communities and various stakeholders. The Committee also provides leadership and direction on long-term sustainability by enhancing ESG principles and practices in Apraava Energy’s core business operations. To support this Committee, a Sustainability Working Panel was appointed by senior management to advise the Committee on a range of sustainability priorities.

EnergyAustralia’s Executive Sustainability Committee (the Executive Committee) was formed in December 2021 and comprises all members of EnergyAustralia’s Executive Leadership Team. It is chaired by the Managing Director. The purpose of the Executive Committee is to ensure EnergyAustralia can meet its ‘purpose’ which is to lead and accelerate the clean energy transformation for all. This includes maintaining EnergyAustralia’s trajectory towards net-zero emissions and overseeing EnergyAustralia’s broader sustainability performance. The Executive Committee will support the EnergyAustralia Holdings Board Sustainability Committee to fulfil its responsibilities under its Charter.

EnergyAustralia's Executive Health, Safety, Security and Environment Committee continues alongside this Executive Committee to provide detailed coverage of ongoing compliance and health, safety, security and environment performance targets.

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