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An industry united to put customers first

EnergyAustralia Managing Director Catherine Tanna (third from right, front row) joins Australian energy company CEOs to sign the Energy Charter. (Photo by Jess Gleeson)

EnergyAustralia is proud to be a founding member of The Energy Charter, a worldwide energy industry first, bringing companies from across the supply chain together to deliver a better experience for customers and improve affordability during the transition to a clean energy future.

The Company was one of 18 signatories which undertook to embed the Charter principles across the business and evaluate where it was performing well, and where improvements needed to be made.

Programmes addressing issues of employee and customer safety have been put in place to address the identified gaps. EnergyAustralia continues to embed the feedback from conversations with customers in the way products and services are designed. It also continues to collaborate on initiatives that focus on service and affordability improvements for customers, as well as continuing to work together as an industry to meet customer expectations on the energy transition.

The Independent Accountability Panel reviewed all signatories’ disclosures and met with each company’s CEO. Following a period of public consultation, the Panel issued a report with 32 recommendations across six themes. When preparing for its second disclosure, EnergyAustralia will continue to embed the Charter principles within the business as well as reflecting on the feedback received in year one.

Read EnergyAustralia’s Energy Charter Disclosure (30 June 2019)
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