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Engineered solution to avoid contamination of water resources in the vicinity of Mount Piper Power Station

EnergyAustralia has successfully designed and installed one of Australia's first lined dry ash repositories at its Mount Piper Power Station to prevent contamination of surface and groundwater resources in the vicinity.

Saltwater and ash are by-products from coal generation and are disposed of at a dry ash repository. EnergyAustralia designed a Leachate Barrier Management System, which involves installing a plastic liner at the base of the dry ash repository, to direct contaminated water to pass through the repository to a series of ponds for treatment and reuse. The Leachate Barrier Management System is an engineered solution that eliminates contamination, ensures regulatory compliance, and provides the business, regulators and the community with confidence that water resources are being protected.

Mount Piper Power Station continues to source water from the Springvale Water Treatment Plant which fulfils about 80% of the plant’s daily water needs, significantly reducing the need to source river water for its operations and, in turn, freshwater consumption. 

Installation of the Leachate Barrier Management System at the Mount Piper Power Station
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