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Fighting COVID-19 by connecting electricity supply for Penny’s Bay Quarantine Centre, Hong Kong

Overcoming significant time pressure, CLP Power's engineering team completed the planning, construction, and connection work of a power grid to provide a reliable power supply to the Penny’s Bay Quarantine Centre.

Upon a surging number of cases of COVID-19, the Hong Kong Government planned to arrange thousands of quarantine units in early 2020 to closely monitor the health of those with close contacts of COVID-19 confirmed cases. Every minute counted, and it was important to ensure the rapid provision of power supply to this originally undeveloped land to support the operation of the new quarantine centre.

CLP Power joined forces with government departments to construct a safe and reliable power supply network for the Penny’s Bay Quarantine Centre on Lantau Island. The Quarantine Centre was created on undeveloped land that lacked any power network or basic infrastructure, making it extremely challenging in terms of time and project planning. It normally takes several months to build a new power grid, but the process was expedited and each phase took only about two months. The dedicated CLP Power engineering team: worked beyond normal hours to resolve technical issues in a timely manner; coordinated the project well from substation design to discussions over the supply plans; and worked closely with different Government departments and contractors to ensure high-quality delivery of the project.

The project provided electricity supply to 3,500 units for the Phase 1 to 4 compulsory quarantine centre, supporting the Government’s fight to safeguard Hong Kong people against COVID-19.


CLP’s Power Expertise Helps Fight COVID-19

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