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Pursuing opportunities in Mainland China

The Mainland China Government has been restructuring the energy market through regulatory changes and the introduction of more competition. CLP is actively pursuing opportunities from marketisation and smart energy development in Mainland China.

Through TUS-CLP Smart Energy Technology Co. Ltd. (TUS-CLP), CLP’s joint venture with TUS-Holdings which is affiliated to Tsinghua University, CLP participates to build and operate an incremental distribution network (IDN) at the Fangchenggang High-Tech Zone. This project is CLP’s first investment in distribution grids in Mainland China and will set a solid foundation to expand into similar opportunities in southern China as reform of the electricity sector continues.

The Outline Development Plan for the Greater Bay Area released by the Central Government in 2019 makes the development of smart cities in the region a key focus. In response, CLP has set up a dedicated team to work closely with partners to pursue opportunities in this important emerging sector, with smart energy development a priority. CLP’s active participation will contribute to sustainable business growth and to the long-term development of the electricity sector in Mainland China.

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