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Reinforcing labour standards and employment practices with suppliers

CLP continued its efforts in embedding respect for human rights in the workplace by launching its Group Labour Standards in 2021. The Standards apply to all aspects of business operations and are integrated across Group and local policies and processes.

In preparing to implement the Standards in Hong Kong, CLP defined overtime work for emergency and non-emergency circumstances, enacted guidelines on rest breaks and work shifts, and implemented review mechanisms for overtime work exceeding maximum working hours under exceptional situations (e.g., extreme weather conditions such as typhoons). Processes were implemented to improve record capture for both employees and labour hire staff. These are monitored continuously to avoid excessively long working hours and potential adverse impacts on employee health.

CLP is progressively introducing the Standards to Hong Kong suppliers providing contingent labour, with managed transition during the pandemic to ensure supplier sustainability. By the end of 2021, Standards had been embedded in over 30 supplier agreements and guidelines on monitoring working hours were extended to labour hires.

CLP conducts regular reviews on the use of contingent labour and processes to improve the record keeping of overtime work have also been implemented. These reviews and measures ensure CLP’s commitments are integrated into day-to-day operations.

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