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Smart System Revolutionise Traditional Wet Markets

CLP Power has teamed up with wet market operators to transform traditional markets in Hong Kong, promoting green living with new shopping experiences.

The Company provides consulting services to operators for the integration of innovative smart technologies and energy conservation into their designs.

Red Market (Kwong Yuen Market) is an exemplary market and won the Smart Energy Outstanding Award at the CLP Smart Energy Award 2018 after a marked improvement in energy efficiency. It houses a smart system that comes with cutting-edge technology. Sun sensors automatically adjust the intensity of the indoor LED lighting system, which keeps the market bright while minimising energy consumption. A new smart ventilation system measures real-time carbon dioxide levels inside the market and adjusts its ventilating power accordingly, ensuring the air quality is optimal for shoppers. Solar panels have also been installed on the roof to generate electricity. The Red Market has indeed become a “green market”.

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