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Water conservation efforts in a water-stressed area in India

In India, water scarcity is one of the key business continuity risks for Jhajjar Power Station, which has experienced periodic water shortages in the past.

To further optimise and reduce the plant’s freshwater consumption, Jhajjar implemented the following water conservation initiatives:

  • Conducted water audits to develop and plan for short-term and long-term water conservation programmes; and

  • Installed water meters and digitalised monitoring data to identify gaps and water-saving opportunities.

These initiatives have resulted in Jhajjar achieving a water intensity of 2.22 m3/MWh in 2021, which is well below the statutory limit of 3.50 m3/MWh set by the Central Pollution Control Board.

Jhajjar was announced the winner of the “Within the Fence” category of the 15th edition of the CII-National Awards for Excellence in Water Management in 2021. The award recognises Jhajjar’s efforts and achievement with respect to improving water use efficiencies and its integrated approach to wastewater management which includes the recycling, recovery and reuse of industrial effluents.

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