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CLP's view on Hong Kong’s Decarbonisation Strategy

Land constraints and the densely populated nature of developable land in Hong Kong have always posed a challenge for the city’s deployment of large-scale renewable energy projects.

While taking this into consideration, CLP issued a public response to The Council for Sustainable Development’s public engagement on the Long-term Decarbonisation Strategy launched in June 2019, expressing support to the need for deep decarbonisation of electricity generation. CLP’s response highlighted the challenges and opportunities of different pathways to increase long-term low-carbon electricity generation and/or source more zero-carbon energy through regional cooperation. The potential opportunities associated with latest technologies such as zero-carbon hydrogen or carbon capture and storage were also discussed.

Download CLP Power’s response to the consultation paper

CLP’s response aligns with the Five-year Development Plan (2018-2023) which outlines a focus on gradually migrating to a generation fuel mix composed mainly of natural gas while reducing the use of coal in electricity generation. The Development Plan also highlights several important capital projects crucial to accelerating CLP’s transition to lower-carbon energy, including the new 550MW gas-fired generation units at the Black Point Power Station and the construction of the offshore liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal that will provide a more secure long-term alternative source of natural gas. It also includes the landfill gas power generation system at the West New Territories Landfill in Hong Kong, as well as the enhancement of the Clean Energy Transmission System connecting the CLP grid to Guangdong. Find out more here.

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