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Harnessing the
power of technology

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Year in review

CLP recognises the potential for digital technology to transform not only the energy industry, but the world.

Embracing innovation helps optimise CLP's existing operations and is also the foundation for developing new products and services for customers. Together, this momentum combines to enable the transition toward a low-carbon economy.

CLP’s technology innovation journey reached important milestones in 2019. Big data and artificial intelligence (AI) continue to help improve Group performance. More reliable predictive maintenance solutions and early fault detection through machine-learning models improve safety performance; more accurate load forecasting advances smart grid developments, and robotics process automation solutions automates manual business processes and improves productivity. The launch of Smart Energy Connect (SEC) in Q1 showcases capability to develop new lines of business, and importantly offers a suite of digital products to help customers save energy, cost and time, and advance their own sustainability agenda. Going forward, the range of new capabilities coupled with deep industrial knowledge and geographical footprint will help CLP pursue new opportunities in the low carbon economy. In particular, there is strong potential in the areas of data centres and smart grid developments.

As the Group business evolves, CLP is looking outward to tap into the best minds in the startup community. For the second year, CLP is involved in Free Electrons, an accelerator programme in partnership with global energy utilities, through which potential startup partners were identified. CLP will continue to invest in, and bring in the best technology, entrepreneurs and new business opportunities to build a sustainable, resilient and growing business.

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power of technology - 2019 Key Metrics


The digital and utility worlds have been progressing at vastly different speeds. As CLP transforms into a Utility of the Future, a major energy company such as CLP needs to synergise the strengths of each of these worlds to create new value propositions.

CLP’s Group presence in diverse geographies, each with a unique set of regulations, infrastructure and market needs, helps to identify project opportunities to cater for these varying energy service areas and emerging markets. CLP is connecting customers across its markets with technology companies to help define key partnership and strategic collaborations to create new services offerings. With the infrastructure needs of cities continuing to expand, there are exciting new opportunities to support urban growth in greener and smarter ways.

The momentum in this innovation journey will only continue. With a focus on the opportunity in energy management of buildings, CLP intends to expand its digital product offering under SEC to provide end-to-end solutions to the customer base. Solution areas include office spaces, schools and university campuses and commercial buildings such as large office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, to name a few. The key areas for future energy saving are mainly through data-driven services such as chiller optimisations and building health monitoring through Internet of Things (IoT)-based solutions.

CLP’s investments and venture portfolio champion cutting edge technologies and start-ups that help strengthen the Group’s core business, nurture emerging businesses, and support the Group’s contribution towards a low carbon economy. CLP’s technology-based investments to support the growth of its capabilities and new businesses opportunities will continue in a prudent manner, but driven by strong goals.

CLP’s transformation will inevitably change how the Group operates. Underlying the success is the ability to have the right talent to deliver to the Group vision. CLP will continue to develop in-house data science capabilities to develop AI assets to meet the digital transformation strategy, and attract the right external talent.

Technology outlook - CLP Smarthub

SmartHub@CLP showcases a smart city future for Hong Kong.


Examples of how technology helps CLP improve its performance and develop new business opportunities to advance the sustainability agenda.

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