Building a Utility
of the Future

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Sustainability at CLP is focused on decarbonisation, to protect both the future of the planet as well as the Group’s prosperity and longevity as a business.

Building a Utility of the Future

CLP Purpose

To power the sustainable development of communities in which CLP operates by providing reliable and affordable electricity to customers with minimal impact to the environment.

CLP Strategy

To leverage new and emerging technologies to aid the progressive decarbonisation of the CLP portfolio, empower customers in making better energy choices, enhance performance of operations, and to evolve and grow CLP’s business along with the transition.

CLP Business model

Where CLP operates

Hong Kong

Mainland China


Southeast Asia and Taiwan


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Material Topics

Responding to climate change
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Harnessing the power of technology
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Building an agile, inclusive and sustainable workforce
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Reinforcing cyber security and data privacy
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Key Metrics

Responding to climate change

Harnessing the power of technology

Reinforcing cyber security and data privacy

Building an agile, inclusive and sustainable workforce

0.62 kgCO2/kWh

CLP Group’s carbon
intensity in 2019

2019 Non-carbon emitting energy capacity

Renewable energy capacity

Smart Energy Connect has identified more than


of potential energy savings from its deployments


employees across the Group in innovation functions

Innovation investments in 2019 amounted to

HK$127 million

Cyber Security Strategy
and related improvement
programmes approved by
the Board

Appointed Senior Director, Group
Information Security
a unified cross-CLP cyber
security organisation

Reviews of operational
effectiveness for cyber controls

lead to enhancements in
operational technology and other


fatality for employees and contractors combined


LTIR for employees and contractors combined
(per 200,000 manhours)


Women in Leadership


Women in Engineering


Average training hours per employee

Chairman and CEO message

At CLP, we have for years taken a long-term view on our investments as well as our shared environment. To stay ahead of challenges, we will continue driving change within the Company to build a sustainable business fit for the future.

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Climate Vision 2050

Climate Vision 2050 sets decarbonisation and clean energy targets and guides CLP’s strategy to manage climate-related risks and opportunities.

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TCFD response

As part of CLP`s participation in the WBCSD TCFD Preparer Forum for Electric Utilities, the Company has undergone a comprehensive review of how the recommendations are met and has adjusted its disclosure accordingly.

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