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Building an agile, inclusive
and sustainable workforce

Building an agile, inclusive and sustainable workforce infographic

Year in review

Over 18,000 employees and contractors contribute their energy, talent and shared values to CLP’s customers, investors and stakeholders every day.

They power the Company’s success. CLP’s leading priority is safety: providing a safe, healthy and productive work environment for its people, complemented with the necessary training, equipment and support. With safety as the foundation, CLP is focused on addressing the significant opportunities and challenges presented by digitalisation and decarbonisation of the energy sector, together with intensifying demographic and labour supply issues and social and political uncertainties.

CLP is committed to ensuring the highest standards of safety across the entire operations and to making continuing improvements in its safety performance. Tragically, a fatal incident resulted in the death of a subcontractor’s worker in Hong Kong in early 2019. An improvement review was carried out following the incident, and the Company is continuing its unrelenting efforts to prioritise safety in operations.

This year, CLP maintained its focus on developing pipelines of future general managers and engineering leaders in preparation for energy transition and digitalisation, and to address future skills shortages. Over 50 future leaders participated in executive and management development programmes, and the Company redesigned the Hong Kong-based Graduate Trainee Programmes into a single programme focused on future leadership and technical capabilities for launch in 2020. CLP continued to resource innovation and energy transition-related activities, recruiting from diverse locations and sectors, introduced new technician grade structures and invested in data analytics re-skilling.

CLP believes that supporting diversity and inclusion is critical to business performance as well as addressing future employment needs, and the Company continued to invest in increasing participation of women in engineering through mentoring schemes, and in strengthening female engineering networks to address potential isolation in the workplace.

The Company piloted more agile team structures and working environments in the CLP Innovation Hub at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, CLPe Solutions and Customer teams to encourage collaboration and speed up decision-making. Over 900 Hong Kong employees have participated in Design Thinking training since its launch in early 2019, deploying new skills to solve customer and operational problems.

As the electric utility industry evolves, CLP is committed to supporting all its people to thrive in change, and launched two key support programmes in 2019 in Hong Kong: a Home Loan scheme to support eligible employees to acquire their first home, and Boost Health and Wellbeing programme to help build wellbeing and resilience. The Company continued to focus on working practices across the extended workforce, including continuing to strengthen reporting of labour supply and service contractors and exercising more control and oversight over labour supply in Hong Kong.

Building an agile, inclusive and sustainable workforce - 2019 Key Metrics


Industry, regional, demographic and social and political drivers are bringing unprecedented change to CLP and are redefining the people agenda.

There is no single solution to meet this workforce challenge: it requires a coordinated and integrated range of strategic initiatives to build an agile, inclusive and sustainable workforce.

While conventional energy needs will reduce in significance, the resourcing needs of renewable energy and new digital-based business and operating models will increase. CLP must find ways to attract and retain a more gender- and culturally-diverse, multi-generational workforce and to share talent effectively across the Group portfolio of businesses. This will support a strategy to pursue regional growth and address the demographic and labour market challenges of an ageing workforce and increased competition for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)-qualified people.

Energy transition, digital evolution and increasing social and political uncertainties and expectations in CLP’s markets will result in significant change for its people in the coming years. The digital transformation of work and growth of automation will bring great benefits, together with disruption. The composition of the workforce is changing too. In 2020, millennials will make up around 43% of CLP’s employees; this is expected to increase to 65% by 2025. This digital-native generation of employees bring different expectations of work and how CLP should engage and support them.

The changing operating environment also drives the need for greater organisational agility – the ability to adapt and succeed in a rapidly changing environment. The Value Framework provides the backbone, guiding how CLP treats its people. With this as a constant, the Company is focusing on leveraging technology to speed up decision-making, strengthening the culture and practice of innovation, and empowering its people.

As the industry evolves, CLP is committed to supporting all its people to thrive in change. This means helping everyone to embrace change, strengthening their wellbeing and resilience and developing more inclusive workplaces. The Company is investing in equipping leaders to lead transformation under increasingly complex social and political influences. It is also providing opportunities for employees to gain exposure to new technologies and business models across its regional footprint.

CLP is mindful that it operates in a social context where there is increasing concern over inclusive growth, basic rights and freedoms in the workplace and equality of income and opportunity. Consequently, employees and other stakeholders expect them to demonstrate values-based management in dealing with potentially divisive social issues. The Company is focused on ensuring they provide competitive, fair and sustainable benefits, support to employees in need, and on implementing labour standards across the extended workforce.

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CLP’s strategies to manage the workforce and empower its people in an increasingly dynamic energy market reshaped by decarbonisation and digitalisation.

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