Planning for emergencies

We are committed to minimising disruption to our customers. Hence we are vigilant and always prepared to respond to and recover from any emergency situations in a timely and effective manner.

Planning for emergencies

To ensure we can respond effectively to natural or man-made crises and minimise any impact on people, assets, operations and the community, we have in place emergency response and crisis management plans. These plans lay down the processes, actions and responsibilities for responding to and managing the full spectrum of possible situations – from an emergency incident at an individual asset level right up to a crisis that could affect the Group as a whole.

In 2017, the Group Crisis Management Plan was refreshed twice to reflect personnel changes and the establishment of a new back up Crisis Communications Centre (CCC). At Group level, two drills were conducted to remind and update key staff members of the activation protocols in place. At a regional level, the India Crisis Management Plan was activated due to significant community protests by one ethnic group seeking Government concessions for education and employment. The protests continue to be unrelated to our company or assets, but had the potential to affect us. No material impact to our business occurred.

Support for all of our employees engaged on business travel, both domestic and international, continues. Additional specific arrangements are also in place for seconded staff. Training sessions for both supporting staff and for the business travellers themselves have been provided to ensure higher levels of awareness all around.

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