Management Approach

Managing Intellectual Capital

Growing our innovation capability to be prepared for the digital revolution that is changing the face of our industry.

Most Material Topic : Research and Development

Research and development

We continued to monitor and assess emerging technologies and their applicability for us, including climate adaptation, smart cities, solar resources, energy storage, energy management systems, distributed energy and the utility of the future. We also maintained and built an active network of utility peers, researchers and academics focusing on technology, energy, environment, policy and cleantech investments. We continued to nurture innovation, research and knowledge development to build business insights of emerging risks and opportunities.

Intellectual property rights

Our employees are obliged to protect the company’s intellectual property rights, as well as complying with all applicable laws and regulations, including observing the intellectual property rights of our suppliers and vendors.

Cyber security

Information security is already embedded in our Group Operation Security Policy. Its focus is on protecting our business information, and the systems processing these information. With the increasing cyber threat, we recognise we need a separate policy that focuses on operational technology cyber security. Hence we have developed the Operational Technology (OT) Cyber Security Policy to ensure the protection of OT operations along our value chain, including generation, distribution and transmission of energy. This policy has come into effect in the first quarter of 2018.

Under the Group OT Cyber Security Policy, we will develop the Regional OT Cyber Security Standards as well as OT Standard Operating Procedures, to provide clear and practical guidance across all levels. The Policy was developed with representatives from different regions, to ensure the policy can meet local regulations and context, and be implementable.