Facilitating informed engagement

We are committed to contributing to the development of sound government policies and laws that balance the social, economic and environmental needs and support the long-term development of the communities we serve.
Most Material Topic : Public Policy

Public policy positions

Although CLP operates in a heavily regulated industry, we are not associated with any government body. CLP is a publicly held company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

None of the companies in the CLP Group receives any significant financial assistance from the government outside of those financial incentives or subsidies, which are in place to encourage market participants to behave in certain ways. Examples of such incentives include tax holidays and preferential tariffs for renewable investment or financial assistance from export credit agencies.

The power sector has been and continues to be a heavily regulated sector. Hence, we maintain regular communications with governments and regulators. Communications traditionally focused more on operational compliance, however, there is an increasing need to communicate and discuss new emerging challenges that require more strategic and even deep-rooted systemic changes in the energy sector. As a result, our engagement with governments and regulators is imperative to delivering on sustainable low carbon energy systems for the future.

Our responses to public policy consultations as well as our key company positions, such as on climate change, are all published and accessible on our company websites.

It is our policy to remain politically neutral and to avoid making political contributions. For public policy developments which apply to the electricity industry, we take public policy positions and participate in the discussions. We feel that in bringing our industry expertise to the table, we can add value to the discussion on how best to structure rules for our industry going forward, as both technology and public demand for our product evolves.

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Collaborating with industry and professional organisations

We understand that to engage our stakeholders on matters that are important to them, they need to have a good understanding of the issues, and an assessment of the pros and cons, to get the most out of the engagement. We hope our public education to promotion activities, sometimes in collaboration with or through industry and professional organisations, would facilitate informed engagement.

We engage with industry and professional organisations and experts to share knowledge, information, experience and best practice, as well as to stay abreast of current and emerging developments, trends and opportunities for our business.

Although we often adopt international standards and practices, we do not easily endorse international charters and principles due to the fact that we take these initiatives very seriously and do not adopt them unless we are certain we can meet all the relevant criteria or requirements robustly. If we do not officially adopt them, we still do often follow or reference best practices included in such charters since we are always looking to continuously improve.


As part of our international engagement activities, we are members of several international business organisations. See a list of memberships in industry and professional organisations here.


International Symposium on Regional Air Quality Management in Rapidly Developing Economic Regions

CLP Holdings sponsored the 5th International Symposium on Regional Air Quality Management in Rapidly Developing Economic Regions, which was held in Guangzhou from 16-19 November 2017. Organised by the Institute for Environmental and Climate Research of Jinan University, the symposium promoted collaboration and exchange of ideas between different sectors, regions and academic disciplines in air quality management for the benefit of the community. It gathered over 700 scientists, academics, policymakers and business representatives from Mainland China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Italy, Canada, Finland, Sweden and Singapore, amongst others. CLP Power Hong Kong Senior Director – Planning & Development presented the company’s measures to lower emissions and help customers move towards net zero carbon at the Clean Air Forum for Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area as part of the conference.

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