Nurturing our young people

CLP Power Hong Kong devises and implements a comprehensive public education plan on climate change, energy efficiency and conservation and the power industry, covering the entire education pathway from kindergartens to universities.

Promoting energy efficiency in schools

Investing in education is in line with our interest as we want to equip our next generation with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the complexity of the energy business. Local education is the foundation for shaping one’s learning, hence we work with local education systems and partners to strategically utilise our resources. We have different programmes that cover the whole education pathway from kindergarten to university students. Some of the key programmes in 2017 were:

- POWER YOU Kindergarten Education Kit The education kit, with an iconic character – Power Kid, comprises story books, finger puppets, a board game and worksheets, was designed to teach students about the electricity journey and energy efficiency. Since its launch in 2016, the kit has been provided for free to over 180,000 students from 1,000 kindergartens in Hong Kong. Our Graduate Trainees have paid visits to schools, reaching over 2,600 students so far. In addition, CLP Power Hong Kong also organised The Please Come and Save the Earth Music Contest, which drew a total of 170 enrolments with over 1,700 contestants from different nationalities, social background and ages. 

Green Elites Campus Accreditation Programme At the primary school level, CLP Power Hong Kong continued to provide energy saving assessment checklists, education tools, visits, talks and workshops under the programme to over 9,000 students from 12 Po Leung Kuk primary schools in 2016/17 academic year. In 2017/18 academic year, we target to reach 13,000 students in 17 primary schools and encourage them to put green ideas into practice. 

Engineer in School This school outreach programme was designed to educate students about energy issues and inspire them to pursue careers in power engineering. CLP young engineers guide junior secondary students through a series of interactive and innovative activities, including school talks, technology workshops and an engineer experience tour.

Green Studio – Our mobile classroom has been touring primary schools and community venues to arouse attention on climate change and environmental protection since 2009. To date, it has welcomed over 150,000 visitors. In 2017, the Green Studio was joined by our first multi-purpose truck to spread the green message to a wider audience in schools and amongst the local communities. 4D movie and educational Augmented Reality games featuring energy saving tips are available on board to encourage visitors to adopt a green lifestyle.

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In Australia, we encouraged more women and girls to study to become engineers through collaborating with the non-profit Power of Engineering. In addition to financial assistance, EnergyAustralia provided support in-kind including media advice to promote related events and staff to host workshops aimed at encouraging female high school students to consider engineering careers.

EnergyAustralia employees volunteer as mentors for disadvantaged youth, helping them develop confidence and interview skills. This programme helps to keep the students engaged in school, broadening their exposure to people outside their local communities by providing mentoring from a professional business person – someone who is not their parent or teacher.

Our community grants programme supports a variety of organisations providing services in education and social inclusion.

Collaborating with universities and professional bodies

Collaboration with universities and professional bodies is critical, as that is where most engineers receive their training to prepare them for, and throughout, their career in the field. In addition to our structured internship programmes as well as various scholarships on offer, other initiatives included:

- Professorship in Sustainability – We established a professorship in sustainability at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) – the first of its kind at a local university. The professorship, which focuses on climate change and sustainable energy, will serve to nurture skilled and innovative talents for Hong Kong and CLP. HKUST’s Associate Vice-President for Research and Graduate Studies and Chair Professor of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Charles Ng (centre) was named CLP Holdings Professor of Sustainability in November 2017.

- CLP Power Low Carbon Energy Education Centre – CLP Power Hong Kong Limited collaborated with City University of Hong Kong to establish the center on CityU’s campus, which has been opened to the public since October 2017. The Centre introduces visitors, especially students, to the challenges posed by climate change and demonstrates the importance of low carbon energy sources through interactive multimedia exhibits.

- Professional workshop and Symposiums – In November, the CLP Research Institute co-hosted an international workshop with the International Electric Research Exchange to discuss how technologies, Big Data, and their intelligent applications can enhance people’s lives in smart cities. CLP Power Hong Kong also hosted the fourth Green Building Symposium in Hong Kong, where over 300 executives were introduced to some of the latest energy saving technologies and solutions that suit business needs.

Promoting engineering careers

To further strengthen its youth initiatives, CLP recently set up a dedicated office to focus on initiatives that would promote upward mobility for young people, raising the professional image of technical workers in the electrical and mechanical trades, and providing opportunities to young people through education, training and career development, hence help them take a positive outlook on life.

These initiatives also come in response to the acute demand for manpower in the industry in Hong Kong because of the large number of infrastructure projects planned or underway in recent years, combined with an ageing population. It is estimated that the industry needs more than 2,000 new recruits each year but it is currently receiving only around half that number. To help meet the industry’s skills shortage, CLP teamed up with the Electrical and Mechanical Trade Promotion Working Group in September to welcome more than 800 apprentices into the Electrical & Mechanical Engineering sector.

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