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A focus on youth

The establishment of our dedicated Youth Programme Office in 2017 is testament to our focus on youth development.

We also seek to form business partnerships with like-minded organisations to maximise the effectiveness of our efforts. We are targeting non-degree holders interested in technical fields in light of the need for greater technical proficiency in the Hong Kong workforce (a problem which is being exacerbated by our ageing population).

We are ramping up our long-standing student outreach efforts, including the Engineer in School programme, which aims to generate interest in power engineering among junior secondary school students in Hong Kong. In the last academic year, the programme reached some 10,000 students. Around 15,000 primary school students in 18 Hong Kong schools also took part in our Green Elites Campus Accreditation programme in 2018, learning about climate change and the benefits of green living.

As part of a new Government programme for tertiary students in Hong Kong, we offered internships at our operations in Mainland China and overseas markets such as Thailand. Participants were given work placements in engineering, information technology, and marketing roles; acquiring valuable work experience outside Hong Kong to increase their career prospects. Since 2012, our education sponsorship programme in India has supported hundreds of high school and university students in their academic studies and professional development. The CLP India Scholarship Scheme continued to grow in 2018 as we worked with non-government organisations to offer financial assistance to almost 400 students.

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