2020 Sustainability Report

Building a
Utility of the Future

Sustainability at CLP is focused on decarbonisation, to protect both the future of the planet as well as the Group’s prosperity and longevity as a business.

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2020 Performance Highlights

CLP has selected performance highlights that are core to its material topics, including responding to climate change, harnessing the power of technology, resilience and data protection, and building an agile, inclusive and sustainable workforce.

0.11 LTIR

for employees and contractors combined
(per 200,000 manhours) Same as 2019

GHG emissions (on equity plus energy purchase basis) for Scope 1, 2 and 3:

62,138 ktCO2e

Down 13% from 2019

Continued to participate in accelerator programmes:

  • Free Electrons
  • CYZone

Embedded good cyber security practices in all projects


Non-carbon emitting energy capacity (as a percentage of total capacity)

0 fatality

for employees and contractors combined
Down from 1 in 2019

CLP Group’s
carbon intensity
0.57 kg CO2/kWh exceeding the 2020 carbon intensity target
Down from 0.62 kg CO2/kWh in 2019


invested in innovation

Consolidated and empowered
Group Security team


average training hours per employee
Up from 40.1 hours in 2019


Renewable energy capacity (as a percentage of total capacity)


Women in Leadership
Up from 24.2% in 2019

Total number of
smart meters connected


Hong Kong



5.12 million

Retail Customer Accounts in Hong Kong & Australia
Up from 5.11 million in 2019


Up 1% from 2019

Increased awareness on ‘cyber hygiene’


Women in Engineering
Up from 11.4% in 2019

85,937 GWh

Electricity sent out
Down 3% from 2019


community programmes initiated or supported


employees across the Group in innovation functions
Up from 80 in 2019

Operating earnings (before unallocated expenses)


non-carbon emitting generation assets


transmission, distribution and retail

Capital investment (on accrual basis)


non-carbon emitting generation assets


transmission, distribution and retail


donated for charitable and other purposes
Up 29% from 2019

Chairman and
CEO message

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CLP Group


CLP’s vision is to be the leading responsible energy provider in the Asia-Pacific region, from one generation to the next. In a changing world, CLP’s mission is to provide sustainable energy solutions to create value for shareholders, customers, employees and the wider community.


CLP leverages new and emerging technologies to aid the progressive decarbonisation of our portfolio, empower our customers in making better energy choices, enhance performance of our operations, and to evolve and grow our business in the transition to a low-carbon future.

Regional operations

Hong Kong

Mainland China


Southeast Asia and Taiwan


Respond to stakeholder demand for transparency and climate action

Accelerate the low-carbon transition and the electrification of transport

Embrace renewables-led economic stimulus

Manage policy uncertainty for investments and legacy assets

Protect assets against physical changes in climate

Responding to
climate change

Adapt technological innovations to enhance performance and safety

Create opportunities for customer engagement via digital channels

Develop new product offerings in energy management

Build capacity and partnerships across the innovation ecosystem

Harnessing the power
of technology

Building a
Utility of the Future

Decarbonisation at CLP is fundamental to the Company’s business strategy. Digitalisation allows CLP to deploy innovative technical solutions that improve energy efficiency. Underpinning these two trends, CLP is transforming into an organisation that relies on an agile, inclusive and sustainable workforce.

Learn more about CLP’s material topics

Enable workforce decentralisation

Enhance cyber detection and responsiveness

Respond to changing scale and sophistication of cyber attacks

Reinforcing cyber
resilience and
data protection

Create safe, resilient workplaces

Attract and retain tomorrow’s workforce

Build organisational agility and help CLP deliver its strategy

Support diversity and inclusion

Building an agile,
inclusive and
sustainable workforce

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