Case studies


Applying design thinking on plant digitalisation

CLP employees have applied Design Thinking in projects spanning across digital transformation, productivity, safety and customer services.

Applying new ideas and technologies to make work more effective is critical to CLP’s future success. CLP Power has launched an organisation-wide initiative to promote Design Thinking at all levels, providing tailored training to teams.

Among many Design Thinking applications this year, a team of maintenance engineers worked together to apply their new skills to reduce risk in regular power station site inspections, many of which take place at height or in confined spaces. Through consultation, drone technology was identified as a potential solution. The team used low-cost materials and tools to simulate the user experience and prototype the solution, before successfully trialling a fully-functional drone model. Inspection safety has improved, and costs reduced. Further technology refinements have now been introduced based on user feedback and the team is working on extending the solution to other parts of the business.

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