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Supporting Women in Engineering

Over 20 participants joined the Group-wide female engineer networking events in India in November 2019.

To transform the business into a Utility of Future, CLP needs talented, diverse engineers on board.

To achieve its goals as an organisation, CLP needs people from all backgrounds who want to make a difference and help transform the business. As part of this, the Company has committed to significantly increasing the number of female engineers in each of the businesses over time, and to developing a strong network of female engineers across the Group. A mentoring programme was launched in Hong Kong in 2015 to provide opportunities for female engineering students from local universities to better understand the engineering profession and the power industry, and to support them to pursue a career in engineering. Over 200 women have participated in the programme to date as mentees and mentors, with over 80% indicating an increased interest in an engineering career.

CLP recognises that isolation in the work environment is one of the key reasons for women leaving engineering careers and Group-wide female engineer networking events were organised annually to address this issue. This year, the networking event was held for the first time in India, with over 20 participants gaining insights into renewables technologies and business models, as well as training in career management and storytelling.

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